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The Wesley Road Club

(Founded 1895)

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1.    All games to be played at the Wesley Road Club using only the pins and balls as supplied by the
2.    The League shall consist of 6 (six) a side mixed teams with a minimum of 2 (two) women/men
      players in the side in each match played (i.e. all male teams and all women teams are not allowed.
3.    Teams and players shall be registered on a form available from the Organiser.
4.    Each team shall pay an entry fee of £10 and a £6 fee for each game.
5.    Players shall play for one team only.
6.    Each team shall play every other team in the League once.
7.    All games to be played at the time and on the dates to be notified to the Team Captain by the
       Organiser. All games shall start promptly at the appointed time.
8.    Games shall consist of 5 (five) legs.
9.    One point shall be awarded to the winning team in each leg. A half a point to each team in the
       event of a tie.
10.  Two points shall be awarded to the team with the highest aggregate pins at the end of the game.
      One point awarded to each team in the event of a tie.
11.  Late Arrivals - any player(s) arriving after the end of the first or subsequent legs will be allowed
       to play in the leg in progress on their arrival and in all subsequent legs, missed legs will have
      no score.
12.  A.N. Other - is a duck.
13.  Additional players may be registered with the Organiser after the commencement of the
14.  Any rearrangements of games will be the responsibility of the team requiring the rearrangement.
       If the game is not rearranged within 7 days after the original date for the game, the points will be
       awarded against the side postponing the game. The Organiser must be notified of any changes.
15   In the event of a team withdrawing from the league at any time during the season all games
       Involving that team will be declared null & void
16.  Any disputes to be reported to the Organiser whose decision will be final.